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We welcome all golfers, 21 or older, and of any skill level.  ​

USGA Handicap (GHIN) is NOT required!  But we do need to know you're handicap so we can establish your "Quota".

The Mens League plays every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday!  Our tee times are regular at 0740 with a show time no later than 0715. 

Ready to join in on the fun?  Just stop in at the Pro Shop on one of the days we play and ask for the Mens Association League and they will direct you to us.  We're usually in the dining facility at the Pro Shop by 0645.  If it's your first time playing with the league then please be there by 0645 so we can get you set up.  You can also email us at the "Join Us" link below or the "Contact Us" link.


If you just want to play one day to get a feel of the league without getting in on the prize pool, just let us know ahead of time and we can probably squeeze you in.  This would be a one-time offer, at best, because we can't slow down the round of tournament players due to limited tee-times.  Come by the day of or contact the league if this is what your'e considering.

If you hit the driving range before play be sure to get there early enough to pay your green/cart fee and register with the leagues bookkeeper BEFORE practicing.


There is a $5.00 per year annual membership due at the time you first play and doesn't renew until December of each year.  This fee covers our annual dinner/meeting as well as any administration costs of the league to include this website and it's domain. 

Remember, you still need to pay for your own green fee and cart fee at the Pro Shop.  Please check with the Pro Shop on the rates since it is based on your military or civilian status.

YOUR AVERAGE with our league

You'll need to know your approximate handicap (USGA or GHIN is NOT required) so we can establish your Stableford average.  You will be on a "Plus2" basis for your first 3 rounds so your official average with our league can be established.  Lets say you shoot an average of 92 in your best guesstimate.  That means we will start you at a 16 (108-92=16) average with the league.  During this establishment period the best you can Stableford score is "94" hence, "Plus2".  This is only for your first 3 rounds to prove your average is what you say it is and to not estimate low and try and take the prize money.  After those 3 rounds you're taken off  "Plus2" and your average will be the average of those 3 rounds.  Each time you play your average is calculated from your last 20 rounds with the league and your 8 best scores will be your average.  However, until you reach 8 rounds of golf (8 scores) the system will average all 8.    It's actually quite simple once you're familiar with it.  We'd be happy to explain any questions you may have on your first day of play.


This is individual play.   Scores and payouts are broken down to Front 9, Back 9 and Overall.  We upload images of the results to this website.  To see past results check out our "Forum" under Mens Golf League and "League Results".  

HOW are the Results of the games determined?:

We have an outstanding, brilliant, handsome young man who built a database and website for the MMAG in 2020 and 2021!  :o)  We use an Excel database that took over a year to build and tune to handle all the leagues results requirements by simply entering scores and pushing  a few buttons!  Our Sec/Treas is the usual bookkeeper and does the morning check-ins and results after the round is over.  After the results are completed then they will be uploaded to this website under the forum and "League Results".  Usually within 2 or 3 hours after the round is completed.


Each day of play, before the round starts, each player puts $15 into the prize pool*. The "total" prize pool* is based on the number of players and the pool* of $15.  The "total" pool* is divided by three and are paid for the teams that win Front 9, Back 9 and/or Overall (Fr 9 + Bk 9=Overall).   For a small buy-in we regularly do other optional contests like Closest-to-Pin on select Par 3s ($4 for all four par 3s) and a Gross/Net Skins game ($3 Gross and $3 Net for $6 total).


*According to the by-laws the daily bookkeeper can deduct his cart fees from the total prize pool.

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